IF THEY COME follows a stowaway, Viktor, as he smuggles himself across a border in the hope of a new home. The film explores themes of alienation and paranoia surrounding illegal stowaways and human trafficking.

From the confines of the lorry trailer where he begins his journey, to the sprawling fields as he reaches the final destination – we see his odyssey unfold in an impressionistic way as he traverses the alien land.


Viktor - Alexandru Șiantiu  


Writer/Director - Richard Dixon Wheatley
Director of Photography - Adam Barnett
Camera Assistant - Marti Guiver
Camera Assistant - Lucrezia Pollice
Editor - Sarah Peczek
Production Coordinator - Harley Brooks
Sound Recordist - Lewis Clark
Original Music - Sam Slater
Sound Design - Fred Pearson
Colourist - Alex O’Brien

©2021 Richard Dixon Wheatley. All rights reserved.